Reflex becomes the newest addition to the Fluid Family

06 May 2021

Some exciting news! We are delighted to announce that soon, Reflex will be becoming Fluid Branding!

On 26th March 2021, Reflex Marketing and Promotions was officially acquired by Fluid Branding - something we’re all pretty excited about. We’re combining forces to serve an even larger client base, and will soon officially become Fluid Branding - joining Fluid’s 10 pre-existing offices across the UK and Europe.

We’ve built something pretty special over the last 25 years, proudly serving a fantastic client base for all their merchandise needs. This certainly isn’t going to change - we’ll simply be doing it under a different banner. Reflex’s owner Jon Walker has this to say:

“It’s been an amazing journey with Reflex, but with my co-director, Don Hinkins retiring after over 40 years in the industry this was the perfect time to look to expand the company’s horizons and being part of the on-going success story at Fluid was a no-brainer. I am just so delighted that we are now looking to an even brighter and more expansive future alongside all of the exceptional team at Fluid.”

Whilst the team will continue to work day to day (current restrictions allowing) from our office in Brighton, the Reflex brand will soon start to transition across to the Fluid brand, and will be fully incorporated by the end of June 2021.

It seems Fluid is pretty pleased to have us onboard as well. Fluid’s Director of Strategy, Kyle Scott, comments, “This is a great strategic acquisition for us. Reflex has consistently been regarded as one of the top 25 distributors of promotional products here in the UK and to have Jon and the team on board will add to our exceptional portfolio of clients and help further strengthen our award winning team. We’re extremely excited to welcome them!” He adds, “We hope to further bolster our position and offering within our industry in the near future.”

Miles Lovegrove, Fluid’s MD, also said “It was evident from the very beginning of our conversations with Don and Jon, that they ran a great company at Reflex and their culture and values are very much aligned to that of our own. We are very excited to welcome Reflex to our Fluid family and are thrilled to be able to provide a platform for the team to grow and prosper within our company.”